Damage hack Ninja saga

  • Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010
  • all jutsu level 1 with 900.000 damage...
    1. fireball
    2. earth smash
    3. twister
    4. water burst
    5. lighting edge

    1. fiddler Download file
    2. Hack file Download File
    1. Instal fiddler
    2. restart mozilla firefox
    3. enable fiddler (click word: "fiddler" on the right corner of mozilla.. Choose "use fiddler automatically" )
    4. Open Fiddler.
    5. Go to autoresponder and ensure both 'Enable Automatic.. ' and 'Permit pass...' are ticked
    6. Click ADD.
    7. A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to regex:(?insx)^.*data_library_en\.swf$
    8. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save. And select 'File a file'
    9. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'data_library_en.swf'
    10. Click ADD.
    11. save
    12. Clear mozilla cache
    13. reload Ninja saga
    If u use super cheat make sure u unticked (All-Quest-Lv1)-data_library_en.swf

    Tommorow Will Give U some modification Jutsu...
    Keep Update :)

    open request jutsu
    I will create for u :)
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